Tansen OPC Cement

The clinker Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is made using limestones sourced from mines in Palpa. The chemical composition of the product ensures a 53 Grade equivalency. Which makes Tansen OPC Cement highly strong and durable and fully equipped to fulfill all your construction needs. It also has a low cost of construction due to its high early strength.

This cement can be used for all types of construction purposes as the common ingredients for Tansen OPC Cement are concrete, grout, stucco, and mortar. This OPC cement is used mainly to produce a concrete mixture, which is then used to create structural elements like beams, dams, roads, panels, and many more.

Rs. 660 /Sack

Sack ( Minimum order 420 )

( NOTE! Price Inclusive of all Taxes, Ex-Factory Price, Freight extra as per actuals )